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Incorporated in 2020 as Maven Technology Pvt. Ltd., we launched Maventechie.com with a singular focus on delivering exceptional Designing and Development services. Whether it's crafting websites, complex web applications, or mobile apps, we stand out because coding isn't merely a job; it's our unwavering passion.

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from 2019

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Our story

Before transitioning into the client-focused website design and development industry, we were primarily engaged in developing software for end-users. We successfully sold our software products to clients in India, the USA, and Germany, offering a range of solutions such as CRM, DMS, ERP, Music Player, Document Converter, and PC utility tools.

During this phase, our interactions with various publishers, advertisers, and payment service providers led to a unique discovery. They were highly impressed with our landing pages, website designs, and software interfaces. Consequently, they began recommending our services to their own clients, seeking assistance in creating product pages, landing pages, and checkout processes.

In this collaborative effort, we identified a significant gap. Businesses lacking technical expertise in web design and development often struggled to engage with third-party web design companies effectively. The primary reason behind this was the absence of comprehensive user experience analysis and a focus on optimizing website flows by these companies. As a result, clients faced challenges in establishing a digital brand and achieving business growth.

We recognized that numerous companies and start-ups shared this struggle, and some even failed due to the lack of a suitable technical partner. With the mission of addressing these challenges and assisting businesses in their growth journey, we ventured into providing web and mobile app design and development services.

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