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How to Hire an Ideal Web Design and Development Agency?

How to Hire an Ideal Web Design and Development Agency?

Website is the digital presence of any business. As we know now in these days customers purchase products and services from companies who have a strong digital presence in the market. Because most of the customers make their buying decisions after searching about the product and services on Google. Every customer check reviews, product descriptions, and price online before buying a product and they also compare it with other products.

So you can see how important is to make a strong digital presence is important for any business and the Website plays a very important role in this. So a well designed and developed Website is very important for any business and for that we need someone who can help us in designing and developing the Website. A well-organized Web Development Agency like Maven technology can help you with this.

Before hiring a Web Development Agency you should know your requirements.

Before approaching any Web Development Agency you should do your homework. I mean to say that you should know your requirements and what you exactly want from them.

Just try to answer these questions by yourself before talking to any Web Development Agency.

  • Do you know your targeted audience?
  • Do you know how many products and services you are going to showcase on your website?
  • What is your budget?
  • Look at your competitor’s website to check what they are doing and how you can present yourself differently.
  • Flexibility with time-length

The above questions are basics and you should know the answers to these questions before going to talk with any Web Development Agencies.

10 Things That Need to Clear With Your Web Development Agencies Before Going To Hire Them..

  1. Do they have their in-house team or are they going to outsource your project?
    When you are going to search for a Web Development Agencies you will find a lot of the companies who are pretending themselves as Web Development Agencies but in actual they are not. They don’t have even an in-house team of Web Designers and Developers. They just pick the project from you and hand over the project to someone else and even they don’t have any control of them. And they will make you stuck in mid of the project.

    So always make sure that they should have their Web Design and Development team.

  2. Do they understand your buyers’ journey?
    When you start explaining about your project to them, they will very quickly answer you yes we can do this in the very first meeting. But no one can understand your business in the very first meeting. They should first study your market and your targeted audience then they have to come with a rough plan that what they are going to do and how is going to your buyer’s journey on your website.

    Because who understand your buyer’s journey can make only the website which can convert your visitors into your paying customers.

    At Maven Technology, we spend most of the time understanding your market, competitions, and your targeted audience behavior and that helps us to make a perfect website for you.

  3. Are they able to Design and Develop the Website as per your need?
    Most of the Agencies just download the theme and make the changes to it and complete your website. And when you ask to put something new in the same design or ask for new functionality as add-ins they are not able to fulfill your customized requirements.

    So always ask them are they able to do the customized changes as per your requirement or not.

  4. Do they provide any warranty?
    Please ask them what warranty they can offer to make ensure that they are going to deliver you the successful project. What will happen if they can’t fix the bug or fulfill any particular requirement of yours. And what are they going to do if any problem occurs after delivery?

    Like in Maven Technology we provide 60 days of free support after the delivery of the project. Because we know after deliver when you launch your website in the marketplace you need a lost of changes as per the requirement of the marketing team and at that time we promise to hold your hand and support you.

  5. Are they going to deliver the project on time?
    This is very important to make sure that they are going to deliver your project on time. But the question is how?

    Please ask them to mention the timeline for each module in the contract paper and also ask them to put a warranty in against it if they are not able to fulfill it. And take the regular updates on it. If possible please ask them to share higher management contact info at least email address so in any case if the staff got changed at least you can chase them easily in any worst scenario.

  6. Are they comfortable doing or managing third-party tool integrations?
    Sometimes maybe you need to integrate some other applications with your applications. There are lots of e-commerce companies that are using different tools to manage their accounts and in that case, they want to integrate their application with these applications to make tasks easy for them. And here a development company needs to have deep knowledge of their functionalities or how the API and SDKs work.  

  7. Do they know about SEO?
    Let me tell you one thing if you want Google to love your site and show on the top rank in search results then you need an SEO-friendly website. So please make sure whosoever going to develop your website follows all the parameters defined by the search engines like Google.

  8. Are your web designs responsive?
    Please make sure that they are going to make your website fully responsive. As you know now in these days most of the users searching about products and services on Mobile and for that reason a responsive website can help you to take care of your mobile visitors.

    A responsive website does not mean only to make the website openable on Mobile Devices it should adjust the designs and call to actions of websites according to screen sizes. So once they complete the first phase of your design at the same time please check your design on your mobile device and see if it’s working fine or not.

  9. Who will provide the content and images for the website?

    In most cases, clients provide the images and content for the website. If in any case, they want to manage images and content by Web Development Agencies then that will cost extra money. So in this case where Web Development Agency is going to provide you with the content and images price range should be clear first. So talk with them in detail about your requirements so that they can give you a proper estimate about the prices.

  10. Are they available 24×7 for support? What is their TAT?

    After the final delivery of the project when a company starts their marketing with their website they need lots of minor changes very frequently and for that, they need proper support and guidance from their Web Development Agencies.

    So before giving the final confirmation please also confirm about their Support Team accessibility and TAT if any issues occurred. TAT is TurnaroundtTime means how much time they are going to take to fix your issues.

    We at Maven Technology give assurances to our clients that our Support Team is available 24×7 and our TAT is 24 hrs for minor issues and 72 hrs for major issues.

If you are looking for a Web Design or Development Agency that can help you with the design and development of a Website, Web App, Mobile App you can rely on Maven Technology. We assure you that such issues will not arise with us. We will complete your project without any charges if we are unable to fulfill any of our promises in the contract. You will receive a refund for any money we have already charged for your project. We know it seems like a fantasy, but we are confident we won’t fail, so we are making this promise to you.

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