Is your website is your best salesperson?
You heard right that’s what I am asking. Is your website working like as a salesperson and helping you to grow the sales?

Now may be you are also thinking the same question that most of the business owners think that

“I am not selling anything online.”

But let me tell you one fact about having well designed and audience-specific website is important for any business, because if you don’t have the websites which can deliver your brand value, what you do, what services you are offering then believe me you are losing most of the potential customers.
Don’t believe my words just ask these questions yourself.

Is your website designed keeping in mind your targeted audience?

Check your website and see if your website is delivering the same message that your audience is looking for.

Please check that if the content available on your website is good enough to attract, engage and retain your audience.

Is your website is perfectly handling the mobile traffic and giving the best experience to your users? (Most of the traffics comes from Mobile Devices these days.)

As we know most of the traffic comes from Mobile Devices. Maybe your website is responsive technically but checks if it’s giving really a seamless experience to your mobile users. This is the reason lots of businesses use different UI/UX for mobile devices.

Let’s understand this from an example of a Mailchimp ( E-Mail Software Company). They are constantly changing the design and content of their website. Have a look…

You can see the above changes on their website. Now the question is here why do they did these changes to their website even we all know that they were doing good business with the old website as well.
  • Experimenting with their content to increase the conversion.
  • Experimenting with CTA trying to come up with a strong CTA every time.
  • Trying to provide a seamless experience across all devices.

Now I believe that you understand very well that why this is very important to keep updated the website with the latest trends and fulfilling the requirement of Search Engines like Google is important to keep you on top of SERP. So your customer can easily search for you and feel confident to do business with you.

Why are we sharing this information with you?

We know very well what happened when you hire a Web Development Agency or a Freelancer to design and develop your website.

Because most of our clients tell us the same story about them.

  • They never invest their time to research your market.
  • They never created the content which can help your visitor to turn your potential customer.
  • They don’t know where to present CTA which can encourage your visitor to take action.
  • They never optimized your website as per the standard of search engines.
  • They make the responsive site but it does not mean that your website is opening perfectly on mobile devices.
So whenever you are going to develop a new website or redesign it please always keep these things in your mind.

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