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Pros & Cons of Different Types of Websites

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Websites

We use internet to search, and we get our results through different webpages which website shows us. Now, the finest website is developed by best web development service in India. There are mainly three types of web development, and they have their pros and cons with them so let us discuss about below

Static Webpage

Dynamic Webpage

Responsive Webpage

Static Webpage

The name itself define static means fixed, static webpage or website which is pre-defined and fixed, it will only change when the developer makes changes on website.


  • Time effective: In static website, the simple code of HTML or CSS is used to develop so it saves your time to code and work is done earlier.
  • Cost saving: Static Website is good choice for start-up, it is also cost effective, and the web development has good market in India.
  • Indexing & Transferring: Google and other search engines can easily do indexing for Static webpages, and it’s quite easier to transfer the website from server to client side.


  • Definite functions: Static website have limited functions like adding text, image, videos and hyperlinks specific functions rather than this are not provided.
  • Updating information: It is difficult to change the static websites, since a minor change require to change all the html files.
  • Not good for long time: Since according to information, we need to upgrade the website, and in static website it becomes the difficult task. We also have different web development service in India which help us to deal with Con’s and perform better according to the time and requirements.

Dynamic Webpage

These webpages show the custom content to the users every new time it is viewed or searched.


  • Updating the website: Compare to static website the dynamic website is easy to update according to information or client requirements.
  • Interactive: Gives it response quicker to the user and dynamic webpage is interacting with the user according to user.
  • Responsive & Navigation: Dynamic website are quick in response and roaming in those websites are easy from one page to another


  • Expensive in Cost: The development of dynamic website is costlier compare to static one, so choosing the right web development service in India in terms of hosting and development is important
  • Slow processing: Since having multiple functionalities it’s sometimes take time to load.

Responsive Webpage

Which website can change its layout dynamically according to the client device or screen size.
Pro’s & Con’s

  • User Friendly: Users have good experience on responsive websites. This website designed in a way that it can be easily used on computer or mobile phones or iPad devices as well.
  • Cost Effective & SEO friendly: This web development requires less costing, its easy for the Google to deal with HTML and website content, google also prefer using responsive websites.
  • Compatibility Concern: Responsive websites are compatible on the search engine version of more than IE8.
  • Time Taking: The development of responsive websites takes time, because one to start from the scratch.

These are some of the pros and cons of different types of websites using in web development services in India. Many providers are proved to be the best web development company in India to fulfil the requirements of the clients in order to deliver the most precise final product i.e., the website.

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