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Top 7 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development projects in 2022

Top 7 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development projects in 2022

In this timeframe, to lay down the best Languages for Mobile App Development is to enable mobile app programmers to create a set of applications to perform smoothly in real-time. Every mobile app developer must adapt various programming languages in 2022 when developing mobile applications.

Here we are trying to understand:

  • Which programming language to best for mobile app development? 
  • Have you ever conducted empirical research on the development of a hybrid app or native apps for cross-platform mobile apps?
  •  What is the best Mobile App Development Programming Language?
  • Which programming language refers to be the Best Programming Language in 2022 for your mobile app development works?

Well, programming languages are like programs that send polycentric communication to devices about what to do. They are used for creating apps for mobile devices, desktop versions, tabs, and web browsers. 

Programming is like creating a database of a mobile app. It gives soul to the mobile app and interprets how your mobile app will function and interact according to your user’s commands.

Over 3 billion people use Android devices worldwide and over 1 billion iPhone users worldwide. They expect apps to perform well and run smoothly even on low-end devices. What’s the solution? Make your mobile app in Java, Swift, Kotlin, and Objective-C to function well for all devices.

Java is one of the leading and most usable programming languages in the world. It is used to make Android apps and iPhone apps. Java developers are familiar with JDK (Java Development Kit) which comes along with all the necessary tools including Eclipse IDE and Maven Build System.

With so many programming languages available, it can be confusing to choose the best one. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Languages for Mobile App Development. Now that you are a non-technical person, let’s check out the most accessible programming languages for Android and iOS app development. Let’s find out!

In this article, we will take a look at a list of the most popular programming languages for mobile app development. So you can pick the one which suits your app development project in 2022.
Let’s check out the top 7 programming languages that are widely used in Mobile App Development

1. Java Script

JavaScript is a universal programming language and refers to as Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development. It applies to making an interactive mobile app development. The front-end framework of JavaScript (code libraries) helps mobile app developers to produce standard programming features that facilitate its users to guide properly when they click on through respective device (to mobile or web application).

Here are a plethora of advantages of JavaScript when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • JavaScript runs through the frontend (client-side) only.
  • No need to connect servers.
  • It delivers a superior speed experience
  • Encourage productivity and high-performance
  • JavaScript offers relatively simpler learning
  • Offers easy functions and syntaxes
  • Relatively cost-efficient 
  • JavaScript code with HTML element helps for dynamic change of content, animate images, etc.
  • Large resources 
  • Great community support
  • CSS for UI helps in designing
  • Helps to develop both client-side codes and server-side codes.

JavaScript helps to build the strongest mobile app feature. It is a very useful Programming Language for Mobile App Development and key to functioning well in cross-platform mobile app(iOS and Android) environments.

2. Java

Java is a widely used programming language for mobile app development ecosystems. It is a highly portable language that runs on different platforms and is known for its portability. 

Java is considered the most reliable and widely used programming language. Due to its flexibility, rich libraries, object-oriented, and rich functionality that can help developers create enterprise-scale, high-quality, and high-end apps.

Here are a plethora of advantages of Java when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • Java offers an easy learning shape
  • Offers Large open-source library
  • Easy to implement in app development
  • Automatically removes excess memory 
  • It Offers smooth performance on every system
  • Supports multiple tasks simultaneously
  • great choices for APIs

It widely used programming language for developing both large-scale web and mobile applications

“But not suitable for iOS platforms”

3. Kotlin

Kotlin is a programming language designed by JetBrains and the best fit for cross-platform, statically typed language (such as C++, Java) supported, general-purpose programming language with automatic detection inference. It is a Multidimensional coordinated system with Java and helps in functional programming. Kotlin is highly popular for developing Android apps.

It was built to work better than Java and allow Android mobile app developers to write code easily and thus speed up the development process. It helps Android app developers to work on web apps and server-side apps. It is easy to use, flexible, and modern.

Here are a plethora of advantages of Kotlin when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • Improving the productivity of Android applications.
  • Offers high-level features
  • Runs on multiple platforms
  • Powerful language helps to write clear, less heavy code
  • Simple to apply
  • Entirely consistent with java
  • Simple syntax in use
  • Offer easy maintenance

Moreover, Kotlin is an open-source programming language for Mobile App Development ecosystems.

4. Swift

Swift is a primitive programming language that is currently being used for the development of iOS mobile apps. Swift is also referred to as the best coding language for iOS app development because it offers better programming features than C++ and C#.

It is equipped with unique syntax, open-source, and cross-platform tools that accelerate the technique of developing iOS apps. Taking into account the immense popularity of Apple devices, it is not surprising that this programming language is so much in demand today.

Here are a plethora of advantages of Swift when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • Exception handling
  • several enterprises rely on this platform
  • Easy integrations with C++
  • Offer Open-source 
  • Write clear code
  • Speedy and strong
  • Offer interactive coding systems
  • Customized designs for apps

Swift is the high-performance and best language for iOS app development because it’s an absolutely smart language that offers developers easy ways to write code. Swift is referred to as the “Swift Programming Language.

5. Dart and Flutter

Developers have many choices for which programming language to use when creating mobile applications. Dart is one of the most popular options chosen by developers because it offers the best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development.

With Flutter and Dart, you can develop apps for Android and iOS from one codebase. In the present market of Mobile App Development with the diverse framework for hybrid app development works, Dart is an emerging programming language tool. It is the Best Language for Mobile App Development designed explicitly for servers and cross-browsers. Dart is going to make application development even faster and smoother than ever before.

Here are a plethora of advantages of Dart & Flutter when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • Open-source or publicly accessible
  • Suitable and standard library
  • Easy design template
  • Standard and consistent with Java developer
  • Offer cross-platform app development
  • Many customized tools

If you are looking for a modern, cross-platform mobile app development platform that can be used for creating hybrid apps, Flutter is the best choice for you on both Android and iOS platforms too.

6. C#

The C# programming language is one of the most dominant programming languages introduced by Microsoft and is predominantly used for mobile app development works for building native apps on Windows, Android, and iOS.
The algorithms used for ML and data science are quite helpful and Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development projects.

  • Easy to apply
  • Object-oriented programming helps easier troubleshooting
  • Easy to identify errors
  • Offer to multitask
  •  Offer multithreading
  • Remove Garbage 
  • Other supported Libraries such as C, C++, and .NET

7. Objective-C

Objective-C is also one of the Best Languages for Mobile App Development for iOS app development. Due to its general-purpose and object orientation allows iOS mobile app developers most preferred programming language before Swift by Apple.

Objective-C is the Best language for Mobile App Development due to its flexible runtime and performance-driven support and easy control systems.

Here are a plethora of advantages of Objective-C when choosing the Best Languages for Mobile App Development:

  • It offers cross-platform programming 
  • Allow object-oriented form
  • Run with other Programming languages (C & C++) 
  • Easy to build a mobile app from scratch
  • It is more reliable and durable than Swift
  • No additional memory required
  • Allow multiple threads 
  • Reduce code compilation and implementation time

The strongest section of Objective-C Programming Language for Mobile App Development is because the mobile app developers can run with C and C++ Programming languages.

Choosing the best programming languages for your next project is never an easy task. Here’s a list of some of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a language for your new project.

Here are the top 7 most popular programming languages that rolled out globally for all mobile app development projects.


We hope you get practical information about choosing the Best Programming Languages for the Mobile App Development project. Here, we have specified the 7 best programming languages, which are predominantly in use in 2022.

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