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How You Can Protect Your E-commerce Website? – A Detailed Guide

How You Can Protect Your E-commerce Website? – A Detailed Guide

As an E-commerce website owner, it is one of your utmost duties to protect your website from everyday online breaches. According to a universal survey, it is noted that approximately 60% of E-commerce webpage are violated every single day.

Hence, it is suggested to concentrate on not compromising with any security systems while going to have your E-commerce webpage. Remember, it is always better to protect rather than to wait for an attack.

1. Why you need to protect your E-commerce?

2. How does it work?

  • Login using OTP
  • Safeguard your Servers and Admin Panel
  • Use good software for Viruses and Malware
  • Use unpredictable Password
  • Exercise Firewall
  • Strong Data Back-up strategy should be opted
  • Keep your E-commerce updated always

Why you need to protect your E-commerce?

If you fail to secure your E-commerce website than it might result in losing your customers permanently and downfall in profit margins. We know that protecting an E-commerce website is not easy and one can not do it without an expert guidance. Remember, the hackers are waiting for you to take the bait and get ripped through them.

How does it Work?

The security for your E-commerce website clearly works building wall between the webpage and unwanted threats coming on daily basis. It allows you to safe the data, passwords, content and an changes in the same.

Some of the tips to secure your E-commerce website are –

Login using OTP

All of you are familiar with what OTPs (One Time Password) are and how they are used to safeguard the unknown attacks of the hackers. They main use of OTP is to secure the transaction mainly using any financial app. On the other hand, E-commerce apps also use OTP for logging-in or to start the session. One time password enables the user to login just for the single time through getting an OTP on the registered phone number. OTP are rapidly becoming the most popularly used safety features for any kind E-commerce website.

Safeguard your Servers and Admin Panel

Do not let anyone guess your password. Hence, do not make it too simple to guess. If you are still doing the same than you are reason for exposing yourself to the hackers. Try to update the username and password on regular time interval. Make a panel for your E-commerce to notify the customer to update or notify for any sort of unknown action taken in the account.

Use good software for Viruses and Malware

Tricksters are able to order or use your account from anywhere that too with looted credit card info. Use good and expensive antivirus plug-in in your E-commerce website to get yourself free from this serious threat. Using an anti-virus also helps you break the sophisticated false algorithm used by the hackers to ill-treat your E-commerce website.

Use unpredictable Password

Rather than choosing other technologies like MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), facial recognition, pattern unlocking system, etc., we suggest you to go with setting passwords to login-in into the application. It is the safest amongst all the other ones. Also, remember not to set the same password for accessing different websites as this is the major foolishness inviting mishappening. Include different characters in your password like numbers, alphabets, etc.

Exercise Firewall

Using firewall is not cost-effective but ensures the utmost safety of your E-commerce website. To regulate the traffic coming and going out, we recommend you to use Firewalls. They will also secure your website from untrusted networks including cyber threats like SQL injections, Cross-site Scripting, etc. to enter into your E-commerce webpage.

Strong Data Back-up strategy should be opted

There can be multiple reasons of loosing your data from the website which includes cyberattack or hardware malfunction. To prevent these kinds of scenarios, refers back-up of your data on repeated mode. Or choose any cloud services which automatically creates a back-up for you.

Keep your E-commerce updated always

A webpage which is out-dated is likely to be attacked often than the updated ones. Hackers use different bots to know which website is out-dated or not. And attack them in a way which eventually left you with no options to get out of that threat. Always use necessary plug-ins to safeguard your webpage from these tricksters.

After discussing all the aspects which helps you secure your E-commerce website, you are now capable to securing your E-commerce website in the most efficient way possible.
If you still have any question you can talk to our experts without any barriers.

Consult Maven Technology if you are facing any issues, we will work towards it to make you get rid of it.

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