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What Are the Different Types of Mobile Apps? – An Overview

What Are the Different Types of Mobile Apps? – An Overview

Here is the breakdown for three most popular types of the mobile apps.
As you all know and feel that a smartphone has taken its notable place in in our lives and can’t be replaced through any other gadget. We use smartphone from early morning till laying back to bed. We mainly use our smartphones to listen songs, surfing on different mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram; playing online games, listening music, and whatnot.

The above-mentioned facts notify the demand of having an efficient mobile app for business due the dramatic change ion screen time.

Approaching further, we will discuss top three types of a mobile app development from which you can choose for you as per your need, budget, and most importantly the use.

Types of Mobile App –

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Web

Native Mobile Apps –

Native refers to inborn. And in sense of Native mobile apps, these are apps made for single platform be it iOS, android, or Windows. These apps are fast and highly as you are running them of one platform only. Also, these apps tend to provide pleasure to the visitor in terms of user experience on the mobile app.

Hybrid Mobile App –

Hybrid apps are same like native apps but they run through web browser. The common programming language used to develop a hybrid app is HTML5. But you need to remember that these kinds of apps are not as fast as native apps as they run through web browser on different platforms. These apps are mainly developed to show or provide content.

Web Mobile App –

Web Mobile Apps are programmed using different code languages like JavaScript, HTML, node.js, etc.

There are mainly 2 types of the Web Mobile Apps. They are –

  • Responsive web applications, the design of the app can be changed if used in mobile phones.
  • Adaptive web applications, on the hand fits to different screen sizes depending upon the usage.

Remember, these sorts of applications can’t be sold on any app store and do not use hardware on mobile devices.

After this brief description on the types of Mobile applications, you will surely be able to understand about it and make a final call on which type do you want.

If you still have any doubts you can talk to our experts with no hurdles.
Also, Maven Technology would love to listen your ideas and working upon it to turn it into reality so soon.

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