Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

As of January 2021, there were more than 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Of this total, more than 91% (4.21  billion) users access the internet on their mobile devices.

Any user who wants to do some research on any product or service takes out his mobile from his pocket and starts searching on the internet. Establishing an effective presence on mobile devices is very important and that can be done with the help of your responsive (mobile-friendly) website or Mobile App.

Now maybe you are thinking the same thing that most business owners think that if our responsive website can also do the same thing then why do we need a Mobile App? So it depends on business to business.

For example, if you are selling something on your website then, in my opinion, you should go with Mobile-App because for e-commerce the user experience you can deliver with a Mobile App can’t be delivered by website.

I am going to share here some benefits of having a Mobile App for any business so that can help you decide whether you need a Mobile App or not.

  1. Better User Experience
    With the help of your Mobile App, you can provide a better user experience to your users. If your Mobile App works seamlessly and is easy to navigate the product and service that you are providing that means you are very easily accessible to your customer and whenever your customer needs you they just pick up his phone and make an order from you.
  2. 24×7 Customer Service
    If any of your customers want to talk to you regarding your product, service, or return of any order and if no one is available in real-time that will make a bad impact on your brand. You can manage this by integrating an In-App chatbot which can help you retain your customers and in that way you can also provide 24-hour customer support.
  3. Mobile App also works as a Marketing Channel
    Mobile App can work for you as your dedicated marketing channel. With the help of push notification, you can share any information that is helpful for your customers like sales and promotional offers, any new updates, and the best part is all this information is on the fingers of your customers.
  4. Know More About Your Customers
    Mobile App will work as the best analytics tool for you. With the help of your Mobile App, you can understand your user behaviors in a better way. You can take regular feedbacks about your service from your customer and bases on that you can improve your business. Additionally, mobile apps can be integrated with Machine Learning to provide you with predictive analytics on a broad level of where the market is headed. According to their search patterns, the system can suggest recommendations. A mobile application is an excellent tool for collecting user behavior and trends.
  5. Make Your Customer Loyal
    You can make your customers more loyal to you with the help of your Mobile Apps. There are a lot of competitions and advertisements running these days and because of that, we lose customers if we don’t provide them with time-to-time offers, timely updates, and, of course, the right service. In order to provide all of these, a Mobile App acts as a tool that helps you to engage your customers with your brand.

    The benefits of having a Mobile App for any business are many, as we mentioned above. However, you should make sure that having a Mobile App alone won’t help your business grow. You need to maintain continuous app updates, analyze the data collected by mobile apps and rectify any issues as soon as possible if they are being uninstalled.

If you are still unsure if your business needs a Mobile App. Don’t worry, our Marketing Manager can assist and advise you on whether you require a Mobile App and, if so, what type of Mobile App and function you should include in your first version. Call with marketing manager is free because we know while giving you the solutions we learn more from you.

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