What is UI/UX designing?

Before digging into how UI/UX Designing Works, it is very important to understand what it is?

UI (user interface) designing is all about seeing the things on your mobile application or website like images, texts, colours, themes, moving things like animations, etc. It is an add on for a graphic designer to learn a UI designing as he/she will understand it more clearly with maximum accuracy and its purpose of usage.

On the other hand, UX (user experience) designing mainly works on the flow of your website or application. It works on making the user experience smoother than ever. In other words, it works on the elements of UI making the process seamless.

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Moving ahead we will understand that what does UI/UX designer do?

Research –
The utmost duty of an UX designer is to do in-depth research. It might on desk or field level. The main purpose of the research is to find the exact crowd of the particular website or application on which they are going to perform the task of UX/UI designing. They usually work in teams to properly know about the crowd and their different demands. This process clearly helps in creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which is the very first idea of the product which is going to be released in the public by whatsoever medium.

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Forming personas, working on it, getting ready with the tools and frameworks –
After the market research designers work on the key point as noted by the public to design the webpage or application in the most apt manner possible. This chiefly includes the JTBD i.e., Job-to-be-done while designing a product for the client.

Getting prototype with the involvement in Development –
Prototype is an introductory product as introduced by the designer to know the initial response on it. In other words, it is scale-down product just to know the response for the future. The team uses this process just to know about what they have done before handling it to the development team.

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Conclusion –

Do not ever under estimate the work of UI/UX designer, as they play a crucial role in the betterment of your online presence. Contact Maven Technology to know more about the same.

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